S07. Travel, Entertainment, Leisure & Retail (Including E-Commerce & Restaurants)

UNITED ARROWS green label relaxing

-Stores themselves are facing more and more competition for traffic, losing customers daily to online shopping sites. While selling online grows, Japan’s largest apparel store Green Label Relaxing wanted to make better use of its real world assets – and bring people into the store to experience the brand firsthand. Located in heavily trafficked areas, the logical choice was to re-invigorate that old media of fashion – the show window. 

-So we launched a campaign to innovate the show window – but not just to ‘digitize’ it – we wanted to bring it to life. We developed the world’s first interactive mannequins by incorporating Kinect sensor technology into a marionette. While show windows are less and less effective these days, we used the latest technology to turn the traditional media “show window” into a most innovative – and effective - medium.

-The core communication target was ‘20-something shoppers’ out and about looking for fashion.


Kazoo Sato, Executive Creative Director, TBWA HAKUHODO
Katsuhiro Shimizu, Art Director, TBWA HAKUHODO
Sachiko Oyamada, Planner/Interactive Planner, TBWA HAKUHODO
Kanako Ishioroshi, Planner/Copywriter, Hakuhodo
Akira Henmi, Accoount Executive, TBWA HAKUHODO
Yukari Toyooka, Accoount Executive, TBWA HAKUHODO
Koji Eguchi, Producer, TAIYO KIKAKU
Hirotaka Tochihara, Producer, TAIYO KIKAKU
Maiko Shimada, Production Manager, TAIYO KIKAKU
Yuri Hirano, Production Manager, TAIYO KIKAKU
Shota Kusayanagi, Production Manager, TAIYO KIKAKU
Seiichi Saito, Technical Creative Director, Rhizomatiks
Motoi Ishibashi, Device Design, Programming, Rhizomatiks
Yoichi Sakamoto, Device Architect, Rhizomatiks
Hiroyuki Hori, Visual Programmer, Rhizomatiks
Hiroyasu Kimura, Web Designer, Rhizomatiks
Takashi Suzuki, Sensor Programmer, buffer renaiss
Yukio Akiba, Device Craft, gadget
Tomohiro Akagawa, Device Programming, atelier omoya
Shoichiro Matsuoka, Marionette
Noboru Tomizawa, H&M
DDB Group Sydney, Australia
McDonald's Australia

McDonald’s have tried to change the negative perceptions of their food. But traditional channels they’ve used haven’t worked: 50% of Australians don’t trust their ingredients. We created TrackMyMacca’s: an App that lets customer track where the ingredients in the actual food they just bought came from.

In-store, proximity and location-specific posters, as well as packaging encouraged customers to download the App. Using the iPhone’s GPS it knew which restaurant they were in; image recognition software knew what food they were about to eat. The App combined this with the date and time, then accessed the vast McDonald’s supply chain in real time to deliver a personalised ingredient story through augmented reality. 


Client - McDonald’s Australia 
- CMO – Mark Lollback 
- Vice President Marketing – Madeleine Fitzpatrick
- Marketing Manager – Shamini Nair
- Media Relations Manager – Skye Oxenham

Advertising Agency - DDB Group Sydney
- Executive Creative Director – Dylan Harrison
- Deputy Executive Creative Director – Darwin Tomlinson
- Creative Director’s – Steve Wakelam and Nick Pringle
- Designer – Michael Kleinman
- Designer – Carl Fraunschiel
- Planner – Ryan Richards
- Senior Business Director – Daniel Lipman

PR - Mango Sydney
- Claire Salvetti – Managing Director
- Tina Alldis – Head of Media Relations Strategy

Digital - Tribal Worldwide Sydney
- Executive Producer – Jeroen Jedeloo
- Digital Producer – Amanda Birrell 
- Digital Producer – Nina Huchthausen
- Technical Director – Ferdinand Haratua
- User Experience – Barth Wahlen

Production Company - Acne 
- Executive Producer – Fran McGivern 
- Senior Digital Producer – Jacinte Faria
- Interactive Director – Martin Pagh Ludvigsen
- Developers – Matt Schoen + Jono Forbes
- Creative Directors – Kalle Hellzen Senior
- Art Director – Stevie Laux
- 3D Design + Animation – Franco Barroeta 
- Associate Producer – Tina Avanessian
- Video Production HouseCompany – And so they were
- Video Animation Design – Camille Chu

Media - OMD Sydney
Drive Awake
BBDO and Proximity Thailand
PTT Public Company Limited
Cafe Amazon

Café Amazon is the largest coffee chain in Thailand. Known as the traveler’s buddy with 650 coffee stops at gas stations nationwide, Café Amazon helps keep travelers and drivers fresh and awake during their journeys.As the travelers’ buddy, Café Amazon cares about the safety and wellbeing on all who are on the road. And sleepiness is a great enemy of drivers, so Café Amazon wanted to find a way to help their traveler buddies to arrive at their destinations safely – no dozing off, no accidents.

Café Amazon decided to be the traveler’s buddy on the road. Turn the drivers’ smartphones into sleepiness trackers and alarms!

"Drive Awake" The World's First Intelligent Mobile Application that helps wake up drowsy drivers by using eye and face tracking technology to analyze driver sleepiness while they are behind the wheel. “Drive Awake” application re-enforces Café Amazon’s commitment since the first cup of coffee was served—awaking each traveler buddy. When activated, the application wakes up drowsy drivers with a unique alarm whenever they start to doze off, and it then offers them the route to the nearest Café Amazon to take a coffee break. With Café Amazon, the next one is never too far.


Suthisak Sucharittanonta, Chief Creative Officer/ Executive Creative Director, BBDO and Proximity Thailand
Anuwat Nitipanont, Creative Director, BBDO and Proximity Thailand
Kantapon Metheekul, Art Director, BBDO and Proximity Thailand
Piyakan Sirichankachorn, Copywriter, BBDO and Proximity Thailand
Peter Vaughn-Yves Oh, Copywriter, BBDO and Proximity Thailand
Thitinut Hirunprueck, Group Account Director, BBDO and Proximity Thailand 
Tanyawan Wongapichart, Account Manager, BBDO and Proximity Thailand 
Suban Maneemool, Account Executive, BBDO and Proximity Thailand 
Benjawan Sengtee, Agency Producer, BBDO and Proximity Thailand 
Sukontha Jantawong, Project Manager, BBDO and Proximity Thailand 
Sakila Banyen, Planner, BBDO and Proximity Thailand
1Moby, Developer 
MeOur, Production House
Thasorn Boonyanate, Editor, BBDO and Proximity Thailand