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Chinese New Year Unsung Heroes
McDonald’s Hong Kong
McDonald’s Hong Kong
Chinese New Year (CNY) has always been a difficult period for McDonald’s business because prosperous ‘foods’ from conventional Chinese cuisine always top HK people’s consideration list. Our challenge was to grow store visits by making both McDonald’s and its ‘Prosperity Burgers’ relevant during CNY. CNY is the only time that Hong Kongers can really be open and share with others their most heartfelt blessings. We dug into people’s real feelings at this time of the year to resonate with HK people on a more personal level. McDonalds creatively revolutionized heartfelt CNY blessings and created “McGreeting” campaign to salute the 10% “Unsung Heroes” who sacrifice their family time to keep HK ticking during CNY and enable the rest of HK people to personalize their heartfelt CNY blessings for their friends and families. Through an Augmented Reality-enabled mobile app, people witnessed McDonald’s brand ambassadors “Soft Hard” ‘stepped’ into 7 million homes through pointing at TV wishing them a happy CNY or they could also use the app to generate personalized CNY blessing through a simple ‘shake’! In just a month, over 1.2 million used of the app from more than 80,000 downloads and reached over 170,000 AR hits on the first day! We also achieved the highest-ever number of customer visits to McDonald’s during CNY and exceeded the sales targets of Prosperity Burgers by 72% which was completely sold out in just 2 weeks!