• Any material submitted in the course of entering the awards becomes the property of the Organisers and cannot be returned.
  • Entrants may be required to supply additional material of any shortlisted or winning work for any promotional publication and exhibitions held after the Awards.
  • In order to promote the Awards, each entrant authorises the Organisers to screen or publish his ads with or without charge at public or private presentations, wherever and as often as the Organisers think fit. 
  • In addition, each entrant undertakes to allow the lending or selling by the Organisers of the entries to any interested public or private organisation with a view to promoting the Digital Asia Festival Awards either directly or indirectly.
  • Any entry may be compiled by the Organisers into a collection of entries. Such a collection may not, nor may any extracts of it, be copied, marketed or sold by any organisation other than the Organisation or any organisation authorised to do so by the Organisation. Each entrant agrees to assist the Organisers in supporting any legal action that may be taken to prevent a breach of this condition and to supply information to the Organisers immediately should they become aware that an unauthorised collection or compilation is available for sale or distribution.
  • Each entrant agrees to hold the Organisers harmless of any claims that may be made against them by reason of any such screenings or publishing. Winners have the right to use any award given to them for promotional purposes on condition that this is correctly described.
  • All entrants must accept that their entries may be used in our archive.
  • Each entrant confirms to the Organisers that they have the legal right to enter the Awards on the terms of these Entry Rules. Each entrant indemnifies the Organisers against all liability to any other person, firm or company and all loss arising from a breach by the entrant of any of these rules.