The Awards given are as follows:
  • The Jury will award Gold, Silver, and Bronze trophies in each category to entries judged to be deserving of the honour. Trophies are awarded in each category at the discretion of the judges. It is possible that a category may present one, two, three or four winners of any level or perhaps no winners at all.
  • The Digital Asia Festival Platinum Award must be awarded, and will be chosen from all the entries awarded a Gold. Entries in the Public Service and Charities categories are excluded from winning the Platinum Award.
  • All awards will be given to the entrant companies. Duplicate trophies can be purchased by other participating parties after the Festival.

Agency of the Year
  • The Agency of the Year Award will be given to an individual entrant agency office that obtains the highest aggregate score from points allocated for all of the categories.
  • Only the information submitted on the entry forms or amendments received before 4 October 2013 will be considered in these calculations.
  • The Award will be given to one office only – points awarded to sister companies will not be combined. For example, the points for JWT Hong Kong and JWT Shanghai will be considered separately.

Points System:
Points awarded are:
  • 10 points for the Platinum Award
  • 7 points for a Gold
  • 5 points for a Silver
  • 3 points for a Bronze
  • 1 point for a shortlist entry
If an entry is shortlisted and then goes on to win an award, the shortlist point is no longer counted. The maximum number of points awarded to an entrant company for shortlisted entries is 10.
  • For each entrant company the total number of Awards is subtracted from the total number of shortlisted entries. From this number, a maximum of 10 shortlisted entries will be counted towards the entrant company points total.
  • The total points from prizes awarded are calculated by multiplying each Award by the relevant points as listed above.
  • The entrant company total is calculated by adding the total points from prizes awarded to a maximum of 10 remaining shortlist points.
  • In the case of a tie in the number of points, first the number and then the rank of the awards will be taken into consideration. If necessary, all shortlist points will be taken into consideration. 
For example:
Entrant Company A                Entrant Company B
2 Gold 14 points                    1 Gold 7 points
1 Silver 5 points                     1 Silver 5 points
1 Shortlist 1 point                   8 Shortlist 8 points
TOTAL: 20 points                   TOTAL: 20 points
Although the total points are the same, entrant company A beats entrant company B based on the number and rank of trophies awarded.